Effect of temperature on the working efficiency of stainless steel reactor

Source: Release time:2016-11-12

Stainless steel reactor is a kind of pressure vessel, there are many factors that affect the stainless steel reactor efficiency, in this paper we introduce the impact on the temperature of stainless steel reactor for everyone.
Stainless steel reactor we set the pressure value is a certain regulation, we should be handled according to the provisions of GB 150, the surface of stainless steel reaction vessel is made of metal material, the processing of products and metal materials we need, so we must keep the stability of temperature. Here the temperature is about is the metal temperature, mainly refers to the container under pressure, we measure the temperature in cross section, the measured temperature is the temperature of metal. In any case, the element of metal surface temperature shall not exceed the allowable temperature of steel.
Design temperature, refers to the container under normal operating conditions, the design pressure, the highest or lowest temperature shell wall or metal components may reach. When the shell wall or element metal temperature is below - 20 ℃ temperature, determine the design according to the lowest temperature; in addition, the highest temperature design temperature shall be selected. Design temperature shall not be less than the highest temperature of metal metal components may reach; for the metal temperature is below 0 ℃, the design temperature not higher than the lowest temperature of metal metal components may reach.