The working principle of stainless steel reactor

Source: Release time:2016-9-3

The working principle of stainless steel reactor is two or more than two kinds of medium at a certain temperature with stirring for a reaction, such as stainless steel reactor internal material temperature control is not good, will greatly reduce the productivity and scrap materials the kettle, so how to detect the temperature of materials of stainless steel reactor and to control them.?
Test method: you can use the PT100 thermometer, stainless steel pipe sealing insert axe, the add in some oil, put the thermometer into the heat conduction oil below it, won't have too big error.
Control the temperature too high
1、Stop heating: according to the electrical control box on the temperature display instrument and alarm can be convenient, quick to judge the temperature stainless steel reactor internal material, when the temperature is too high, electric controller programmed automatically stop a group of electric heater, the temperature is maintained at a constant range.
2、Start the cooling coil in the cauldron: cooling coil reactor is generally used as cooling, such as when the stainless steel reactor internal temperature of the material may be high, to enable the internal cooling coil, and to increase the flow of cooling water, timely and effectively reduce the stainless steel reactor internal temperature of the material.
3、Continuous mixing
Control when the temperature is too low.

Start the remaining heater: under normal circumstances, in the design and manufacture of stainless steel reaction will be considered for the user to be replaced, the production process of different materials, different materials have different physical and chemical properties, the heating effect is different, so will be appropriate to increase the power of the heater, according to different material choice, when the temperature is too low when enabled, the remaining heater can.