The design procedure of share of stainless steel reactor

Source: Release time:2016-8-30

Stainless steel reactor to a rapid heating, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, sanitation, no pollution, no automatic boiler heating, use convenient wait for a characteristic, in order to fully mixed in the reaction material as the premise, for heating, cooling, and liquid extraction and gas absorption physical change process are needed to get to the stirring device good results, and customers can design, processing of outer pipe reactor. In this paper, the design procedure of share of stainless steel reactor.
1) determine the stainless steel reactor operation mode according to the characteristics of the process, determine the stainless steel reaction vessel is continuous or intermittent operation.
(2) calculated on the basis of production capacity, such as reaction time, temperature, loading coefficient, the material expansion ratio, feed ratio, the conversion rate, feed changes and physical data, materials and products of a reaction and chemical properties and aggregation design data base technology.
(3) calculate the stainless steel reactor volume
(4) determine the stainless steel reactor design (optional) volume and number of. Such as stainless steel reactor system in non standard equipment, but also determines the length to diameter ratio after correction calculation, but can be identified as a dimension, will determine the diameter size container series set in a country.
(5) stainless steel reactor diameter and cylinder height, head to determine.
(6) the heat transfer area calculation and check.
(7) stirrer.
(8) nozzle and the aperture design.
(9) to draw the reactor design sketch (graph), or type more information