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6000L spherical bottom reactor

The brief introduction of reactors:


1. Seal type: magnetic seal, mechanical seal and packing seal.


2. Magnetic seal reactor application:mainly used in flammable, explosive, high pressure or media in such harsh conditions. The magnetic seal reactor is our main products.


3. Mechanical seal reactor application: the polymerizing polypropylene project, butadiene rubber project, styrene-butadiene rubber project, polymerization kettle, plastic tank, premix, PVC polymerization kettle and so on.


4. Heating type: electric heating, heat transfer oil heating, outer circulation heating (equip with oil furnace or circulation pump).


5. Mixing type: paddle, impeller anchor type, self-suction type, helical ribbon and helical screw type.


6. Volume: 25ml~30m³


Volume that is lower than 100ml without mixer.


7. Pressure: negative pressure to 45Mpa


8. Temperature: minus to 650


9. Material: Kettle material is mainly used 0Cr18Ni9304, 00Cr17Ni14Mo2(316L), 1Cr18Ni9Ti321. And reactor can be produced by can be produced titanium (TA2), nickel material, tantalum material, zirconium, hastelloy, lined PTFE or lined Ni (Ni6) according to different requirements of media.